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Internationally Recognized Horse Trainer and Clinician

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Made in America by an American Native! I am proud to be a customer of Nathaniel's. His business is truly a last of its kind. The shop in Mancos is awesome as the tools of his trade are all out on display and the beautiful results of his handiwork are on display on the sales rack.

Ed Singer

I'm wearing my brand new 100% beaver Hesperus Trail hat in whiskey color. It looks fabulous on me, says my wife (who, bless her heart is biased), and I have to agree. Equally important, it fits perfectly. And fit isn't subject to bias. In fact, I hardly know I have it on.

This hat proudly joins the Explorer you made for me in 2005. It's all beaver, too, in natural color, and I've worn it hiking along Minnesota's North Shore of Lake Superior, riding and hiking in the Little Belt Mountains of Montana, and walking the streets and avenues of Manhattan. It complements all my outerwear, from the hard-shell mountain parka to the leather A-2 flight jacket to my Burberry topcoat.

I cannot speak highly enough to your artistry and to the quality of your handicraft. I've never seen hats as well made as yours, and I really don't expect to any time soon.

Yours respectfully,

John Beardsley, A.P.R
Counselor in Public Relations

Here's a photo of your fine workmanship displayed in a fitting manner, at least to us walking anachronisms who still esteem fine craftmanship. This hat. I am awed, and that ain't an easy thing to do. -Dennis Hanisch

Nate made my Rio Grande hat for me while he was still apprenticing with dear friend Steve King of The Bounty Hunter (Telluride). He has carried on the tradition as a master in his own right. -Don Conoscenti

For a great hatter check out Nate Funmaker of Nathaniels Of Colorado from Mancos, Colorado. -Bob/Out West Saddlery

I now have 7 hat's from Nate including the one I made for my wife in Nates work shop, (with his instruction) Worth every penny!! Love those hat's. 100% Beaver is the only way to go. -David Light

Nate is working on my second hat. A natural color Quigly down under style 100% beaver. the first hat was a dark gray gus with a horse hair band. If the second is as good as the first - WOW. I wouldn't buy a hat anywhere else!  -Jay Woodall

I just wanted to pass along a few pictures of me teaching in my hat! I LOVE it so far, everyone comments on it and loves it too! I'm always sending people your way! It hasn't needed cleaning yet but I may send it to you sometime next summer for that. - Julia Ryman, Licensed Parelli Professional

LOVE the hat!! Even my non-horsey friends say it looks good!! The fit is wonderfull! Thanks a bunch! - Patricia Freeman

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Just A Few Of Our Hats
Nate Named Best Living Hat Maker!

Nate has been named "Best Living Hat Maker" by True West Magazine. Click here for the magazine article. xxx handjob stepmom